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We are updating the Lydney Neighbourhood Plan

We are updating the Lydney Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plans give communities real power to guide the future development of their areas.

Lydney’s current Neighbourhood Plan runs until 2024. Much has changed since it was written.  It’s important we update it to address new priorities and plan ahead to meet the future needs of all of our community. 

A Steering Group of local people and Town Councillors is now refreshing our Neighbourhood Plan to increase its strength and life until 2041.

It’s vital that local people get involved in shaping the new plan! Tell us what is important and how you want Lydney to be protected or changed for the better.

On this website you can HAVE YOUR SAY to help us update Lydney’s plan for future. You can find out more about Neighbourhood Plans, meet the Steering Group and keep up to date with the review. Sign up to the mailing list!

Consultation continues until 31st March 2024. Help us;

  • Set the future Vision and Priorities
  • Build in your local knowledge to six priority Neighbourhood Plan topics.

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Address: Lydney NDP2, Lydney Town Council, Council Chambers, Claremont House, High Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5DX
Tel: 01594 842234

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