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Meet the Steering Group, Governance and FAQs

Meet the Steering Group

The Steering Group is the body of local people who volunteer to manage and advise on the review of the Neighbourhood Plan. This is very much a community-led plan so there are representatives from the community and Town Council. We also welcome new members.

The Steering Group is sponsored by, and reports to Lydney Town Council, which is the accountable body, and has an agreed Terms of Reference.

The Steering Group comprises of 7 permanent voting members comprising of:

  • Representatives of Lydney Town Council:
    • Cllr Carol Harris, chair planning and highways committee and regeneration committee.
    • Cllr Richard Kemsley, chair of Lydney Recreation Ground Trust and Bathurst Park Trust
    • Peter Macklin, member planning and highways committee.
  • Representatives from the Community
    • Anne Harley (chair) community volunteer.
    • Simon Moore, charted building surveyor and church warden of St Mary's church
    • Robin Johnson, local businessman
    • Steve Stockham, local businessman and former planning and highways officer

In addition, Forest of Dean Council Officers will attend where appropriate in an advisory and non voting capacity.

Terms of reference

Click below to download the Lydney Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference:


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Lydney Neighbourhood Planning (but were afraid to ask!)

Neighbourhood Plans (NP) were introduced in 2011, they empower communities to shape the development and growth of a local area. Once a Neighbourhood Plan is 'made' (or adopted) it has the same weight and strength as the Forest of Dean Local Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan cannot block development that is already part of the Local Plan, but it can shape where that development will go and what it will look like. You can read the first Lydney Neighbourhood Plan on this website.

Our first Neighbourhood Plan looked ahead only as far as 2024. Ongoing and new issues like providing affordable homes in the right places, tackling climate change and helping local business recover from the impact of COVID make it imperative that our Neighbourhood Plan evolves to provide strong local powers, alongside the District Council's upcoming new Local Plan that will set out where new homes and jobs will be provided looking ahead to 2041.

We will be giving people who live and work in Lydney a range of ways to get involved in the Plan review. Find out more by on our consultation page.

The Town Council is the 'Qualifying Body', but the process of reviewing the Plan will be led by a Steering Group of people representing both the Town Council and the wider community. Find out more by clicking here.

The aim is to do the main plan drafting work in 2024, with the formal processes to give the Plan legal status taking place in 2025.

Government grant funding will be used and supplemented by the Town Council. Forest of Dean District Council provides technical advice and practical support, as well as paying for examination (and referendum if needed).

Contact us

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Tel: 01594 842234