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We are updating the Lydney Neighbourhood Plan

Our town Neighbourhood Plan sets the local planning policy for Lydney and was formally adopted in 2015.

Much has happened in the 8 years since it was adopted, it is very important that the Plan stays up-to-date and relevant. The Town Council is now refreshing and updating our Neighbourhood Plan.

We are building upon what you told us you wanted to see protected and a improved in Lydney using the feedback we already have, most recently from the Lydney Forward initiative looking at how to improve our town centre.

This site will host updates to the neighbourhood plan review as it progresses. You can also find out how to get involved and sign up to be notified of updates to the process. 

There will be a range of opportunities for the community of Lydney to get involved in updating the Lydney Neighbourhood Plan during 2023. Watch this space!

“Neighbourhood Planning gives communities real power to create a shared vision and guide future development for their areas. Please joins us as we update this important plan”