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Setting Lydney's priorities and vision

Help us shape the future conservation and development of Lydney.

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Setting the priorities for Lydney 2041

The Steering Group has reviewed the first plan and listened to local representatives to suggest new priorities and aims that our updated Neighbourhood Plan should tackle.

These are in the boxes below.

Help us set the right priorities to guide Lydney’s Future Development.

Which are the most important for you?


Protecting and improving our natural and built and environment

Providing housing and community facilities to meet local needs

Making getting around Lydney safe, convenient and sustainable

An attractive and useful Town Centre

Protecting local jobs and growing Lydney’s economy

A green Lydney

Responding to climate change

Have we missed something in the priorities?

Tell us what you would like to add or change and tell us why.

A new vision for Lydney

Steering Group members have listened to local views and drafted a new Vision Statement. All the new Neighbourhood Plan policies should contribute to making this vision a reality by the end of the plan period.

A Vision for Lydney 2040

As Lydney continues to grow over the next decade and beyond, our revised Neighbourhood Development Plan will balance the needs of a growing local population with addressing the challenges of a more uncertain world.

Lydney will increase sustainability and resilience to climate change, rising sea levels and other climatic events that may threaten the security of the town.

Future growth will enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of existing and new residents, protect local nature and wildlife and our local historic environment and harbour.

Development will strengthen Lydney’s district identity as a coastal market town and reinforce its sense of being “one” integrated community.

Lydney will provide local people with good homes and community facilities meeting their changing needs. There will be varied local opportunities for rewarding work, an attractive town centre for shopping business and pleasure and beautiful parks and green spaces connecting communities.

We will build strong delivery partnerships with other town and parish councils, the district and county councils and statutory and local voluntary organisations to help promote and drive forward positive changes for local people.

Do you agree with the Vision?

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What would you add or change?

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